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Vendor Information 2017

FY 2017 Treatment Services Pre-solicitation Notice

The following RFP/BPA's will be available for FY 2017:

0972-2017-01 Redding Drug/MH
0972-2017-01-2 Redding Sex Offender
0972-2017-04 Grass Valley Drug/MH
0972-2017-12 Merced Drug/MH
0972-2017-12-2 Merced Sex Offender
0972-2017-16 Bakersfield Drug/MH
0972-2017-16-2 Bakersfield Sex Offender
0972-2017-10 Stockton Drug/MH


Question and Answer:


Q: In the past, we have included the last 18 months of monitoring reports from our programs nationwide.  I notice the RFP states for just the areas submitting.  Will the monitoring reports for all of our California contracts suffice or do you need them for all programs in all other states too?

A: It doesn't even need to be the entire state.  Just the locations in the catchment area where you are soliciting for the specific BPA.


For the 12-2 Merced solicitation

Q: Are these clients able to be seen in Stockton? Or is their catchment area to remain in Merced? Additionally, how many clients are currently needing and will need to receive services.

A: These clients would need to be seen in Merced and there are approximately 5 clients currently in that area needing services.




RFP's should be distributed to interested parties on or around July 8, 2016.

To request an RFP (request for proposal) please contact Debbie Spencer at or by telephone at (916) 930-4320.

Please be very specific about which RFP’s you are interested in receiving.

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