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To assist the federal courts in the fair administration of justice
To protect the community
To bring about long-term positive change in individuals under supervision


Public safety and the fair administration of justice through professional and progressive interventions


The Eastern District of California Is Bounded in the South by the Northern Boundary of Los Angeles County, and Covers All of Central and Eastern California, North to the Oregon Border. Some 34 Counties Comprise the District. The Probation Office Occupies 7 Field Offices, with Additional Offices in the Sacramento and Fresno Courthouses. The Sacramento Courthouse Office Is Headquarters for the District. The Following Points Will Serve to Summarize the Nature of the District:

The Area Is One of Diverse Geography. The Mountains of the Sierra Nevada Range Stretch North and South on the East the Full Length of the District, Some 500 Miles. The Central Part Is the Huge Central Valley of California Which Is of Equal Proportion to the Mountain Range. The Western Boundary Is Dominated by Another Mountain Range, the California Coast Range.
Supervision Caseloads Numbering Around 50 Are Spread Throughout the District, Operating out of 7 Field Offices.
Federal District Courts Are Located in Fresno and Sacramento, with Many Magistrate Courts Scattered Around the District. Twenty-Four Officers Service the Various Courts Writing Pre-sentence Reports.